Why is Now a Great Time to Enter or Expand in Debt-Buying?

The accounts receivable management (ARM) industry, and debt-buying specifically, was severely impacted by the financial crisis and ensuing regulatory expansion. Now – almost a decade after the Great Recession’s end – is a great time for debt buyers and funding sources to consider entering, re-entering, or expanding their debt buyer capabilities.

Mike Ginsberg, president & CEO of Kaulkin Ginsberg Company, will be joined by debt-buying industry expert Mike Chiodo to discuss market conditions and the factors that contribute to debt-buyers’ success in today’s market.

When asked why he decided to host this webinar now, Mike Ginsberg explained, “Market conditions have vastly improved over the recent years following the Great recession. More recently, there have been more emerging market segments for debt-buyers to consider. Furthermore, because this industry is growing, it’s critical for those either entering the space for the first time or those looking to re-enter to understand how to navigate and side-step pitfalls when purchasing debt. There’s no better platform to do this, and Mike Chiodo, being an industry veteran, will bring a much-needed perspective to newcomers and experienced debt-buyers alike.”

Registration is free, so please invite you staff and colleagues. The webinar will last one hour in its entirety, with time reserved for Q&A at the end. Can’t join live? Register anyway to receive a copy of the recording to share with your team.

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