Our accredited professionals understand the intricacies of the outsourced business services (OBS) industry. We leverage real world experience and technical proficiency to examine complex and nuanced business structures in order to provide clients with business valuations that clearly and concisely communicate our findings and support intelligent decisions.

Key Events

A business valuation is a good idea in some cases, and essential in others. In simplest terms, is an assessment of the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of a business to establish its value on an enterprise or equity basis. Most owners face key events at some point that necessitate a valuation. The following are a few of those scenarios:

M&A Transaction Support
Purchase price may be the focus in the early stages of buying and selling a business, but details relating to transaction structure, board review and approval, and the need for a fairness opinion could complicate and derail a transaction. Our professionals will help you navigate the process.

Estate and Gift Tax Planning
Whether you’re gifting shares in a business to a child, transferring ownership to a trust, or one of many other life events, there’s a good chance you’ll need to file Form 709 with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in order to maintain compliance for gifted property. A business valuation that takes all of the necessary factors into consideration is where our professionals recommend you begin.

The unfortunate reality is that divorces happen, and, in some cases, they may be contentious. If one of the parties is a business owner, then the other may be entitled to a portion of the business’ value. Valuators need to consider the varying standards of value for different states among other complex issues. Our professionals will work with you and your council throughout this process.

Transition or Succession Planning
Planning for your own separation is a difficult subject for many owners which is why so few take this crucial step. Beyond financial and business-specific knowledge, interpersonal savvy and conflict resolution are essential to the process. Our professionals will help you develop a strategy that fits the needs of your business such as an employee stock option plan (ESOP), non-controlling interests for key personnel, vesting schedules for phantom stock, and much more.

Business Valuation
In the case of a well-established, privately held business, it may want a valuation to support corporate planning or establish the basis for a buy-sell agreement between owners. Alternatively, in startups where stock is reserved for founders and employees or a new round of investor funding takes place, you’ll need a 409A valuation to maintain compliance. Whether you’re seeking a valuation as a component of an SBA loan or some other purpose, our professionals will help guide you through the process.

Debt Portfolio Analysis
Purchasing portfolios for performing and non-performing loans can be lucrative or a waste of resources. Our professionals understand the intricacies of this market and are available to support you from the early stage of financial modeling and valuing portfolios through the development and examination of liquidation strategies.

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- Karen Hallson
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