Transaction Pricing & Earn-Outs

The sale of a business is challenging on many levels. Arguably, the most difficult aspect of every transaction is establishing a mutually acceptable valuation. Like beauty, value is truly in the eye of the beholder. For an owner, determining the value of a business he or she started is an emotional process. Ultimately, the seller’s goal is inevitably to maximize the amount of cash the buyer will pay for the business.

This whitepaper explores how certain aspects of your business affect the value it will fetch on the market. Specifically, it will explain some of the most important operational factors that can increase the amount buyers are willing to pay. Additionally, this whitepaper reviews how the earn-out portion of a transaction can help bridge the gap in desired purchase prices between buyers and sellers.

This whitepaper is complementary for accounts receivable management business owners and executives upon request. Please contact us at to receive your copy.