The Kaulkin Report: 2022 Edition

The Kaulkin Report, 2022 Edition combines the latest research data with informative interviews featuring ARM executives and other subject matter experts. It takes an in-depth look at the history and economic impact of ARM, the size of industry, the various client markets that ARM companies serve, and the most important operational, technological, economic, and compliance-related trends. To request a copy of the full report, contact us here or email

Topics Include:

  1. Introduction to Accounts Receivable Management
    1. History of the ARM Industry
    2. The Positive Impact of ARM on the Economy
  2. Market Sizing
    1. Market Sizing Calculations
      1. Collection Agencies
      2. Debt Buyers
      3. Repossession Services
    2. Other Related Segments
      1. Collection Law Firms
      2. ARM Software Providers
  3. Current Operational and Technology Trends
    1. State of the ARM Industry
    2. Credit-Granting Market Sectors
      1. Debt Levels
      2. Bad Debt Estimates
      3. Individual Credit Granting Market Sectors
        1. Healthcare
        2. Financial Services
        3. Student Loans
        4. Utilities
        5. Cable & Telecommunications
        6. Property Management
        7. Federal Government
        8. Other Credit-Granting Market Sectors
          1. State & Municipal Governments
          2. Commercial
    3. Other Operational Trends
      1. Work-from-home
      2. Rising Labor Costs
    4. Technological Trends
      1. Digital Communications
      2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  4. Compliance
    1. Overview
      1. Critical Laws
      2. Relevant Regulatory Bodies
      3. Data Security
      4. State Licensing
    2. Current Trends in Compliance
      1. Regulation F
      2. Escalating Federal Enforcement
      3. Litigation
      4. State-level Regulation
  5. Economic Drivers of ARM
    1. Consumer Credit
    2. Real Gross Domestic Product & Recessions
    3. Employment & the Labor Market
    4. Interest Rates & Inflation
    5. Consumer Sentiment

To request a copy of the full Kaulkin Report, 2022 Edition, contact us here or email

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