The Debt Collection Industry Lost a Legend: Remembering Henry “Hank” Markowe

The debt collection industry lost a legend last week.

Henry “Hank” D. Markowe (11/26/33 – 03/04/21).

I learned from Terry White of FMS in Tulsa that Hank Markowe passed away last week. Terry posted this on LinkedIn:

Henry “Hank” D. Markowe (11/26/33 – 03/04/21)

FMS Inc., Partners, Work Associates and Family – are deeply saddened to announce the passing of our dear friend and mentor Hank Markowe.

Hank was a vital industry veteran whose many contributions to our trade spanned 60 years. His career started in 1956 with Bond Clothing Store, in NYC, after exiting the US Army as a Corporal. From Bond onto Lerner Shops as a collection manager from 1963 – 1965. Then a notable layover with our friends at Plaza Associates that ran some 35 years from 1965 – 2000. After Plaza – Hank joined FMS in 2004 as a principal and EVP. Starting in the industry in the “I like IKE” era one can only imagine the change Hank was a part of and experienced in our industry.

Hank’s ability to engage with everyone that crossed his path with genuine interest in the person and their life experience is legendary. His ability to offer just the right story, experience, advice and humor facilitated his enormous network and his impact on our ever-changing industry. Hank believed – people make the difference not just processes or workflows…

Hank – you will be missed…

My relationship with Hank spanned 3 decades. I met Hank when he was an executive at Plaza Associates in New York. He employed my father who was a bill collector living in Manhattan after my parents divorced. I remember walking through Plaza with the Mattes and Hank was always there. At trade shows, we talked about the industry, living in California, his family, and whatever else was on his mind. Hank was funny and always lit up the exhibit hall at the FMS booth. I am a better person because of the time I spent with Hank Markowe. RIP my friend. RIP.

Mike Ginsberg