Challenges come in many forms and taking them on alone can be daunting. Kaulkin Ginsberg’s professionals understand the pressures of operating in the outsourced business services (OBS) industry and will work with you to address these obstacles, whatever they may be, to help you drive growth and profitability, mitigate client and sector risk, and ensure leadership succession and exit strategies are in place.

Boardroom Advisory
Bringing on an outside advisor to help with business decisions may sound unnecessary since, as the owner, you know it better than anyone. However, outside advisors bring objectivity because they aren’t running the business on a day-to-day basis and can offer a wealth of knowledge. Our professionals have supported the development and implementation of business plans, corporate finance oversight, and phantom stock and vesting schedules for many top OBS firms and are available to support you as well.

Litigation Support
Kaulkin Ginsberg understands the stress that goes into preparing for a trial and resolving shareholder disputes, damage assessments, and corporate divorces to name a few, and wants you to know that we can help. We are a highly regarded market specialist with experts well-versed in valuation and litigation support services. Our subject matter experts’ findings in numerous matters relating to debt collection, debt buying, and related outsourced business services have never been invalidated in any court or formal proceedings.

Corporate Finance
Investing in a CFO is a big commitment and allocating financial resources for an entire corporate finance division may not be the best investment for your business. Our advisors can provide a cost-effective solution for overcoming this gap. We will work with your executives to support financial planning, budgeting and forecasting, cost-benefit analysis, and many other services so that you can focus on running your business.

"Dahlink Financial’s credit card asset class took several years to fully develop. I was reminded of that fact after reading your ‘Rome wasn’t built overnight’ comment in a DBA article. I don’t know if you wrote those articles with the intention of fostering hope within the debt buying community, but you sure made me feel a lot better." - Christa Scalies Dahlink Financial Corporation
-Christa Scalies
Dahlink Financial Corporation

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