State of Compliance in the Accounts Receivable Management Industry Webinar

An informative discussion between Kaulkin Ginsberg Company and three hand selected compliance experts for part two of a three-part webinar series

2020 promises to be a critical year for regulation compliance in the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry. On the federal side of things, the CFPB and FCC are poised to release significant regulatory guidance amending the FDCPA and TCPA, respectively. State governments, meanwhile, are taking the initiative to enhance their oversight of ARM, particularly California and New York. Additionally, the rising importance of multi- and omni-channel strategies will make finding viable and compliant communication channels more important than ever.

In an effort to keep ARM professionals abreast of these, and other crucial trends, Kaulkin Ginsberg hand selected authoritative subject matter experts – Rozanne Andersen, Ontario Systems, Tim Collins, TrueAccord, and Joann Needleman, Clark Hill PLC – to join Mike Ginsberg, president & CEO of Kaulkin Ginsberg for the second part of their three part webinar series, focused on compliance in the ARM industry. The webinar will take place on February 11 at 1:00 PM EST.

When asked why Kaulkin Ginsberg decided to include compliance in this series, Mike said, “It is critical for ARM executives to stay on top of critical compliance-related developments and trends. Busy executives are confronted with numerous outlets providing various levels of compliance-related information. Our experts will explain the latest trends and developments and be available to answer any questions you may have.”

The series kicked off on January 28 with Mike and John Hannan, analyst at Kaulkin Ginsberg, discussing economic conditions impacting expansion and recoveries, operational challenges impacting profitable growth, the M&A landscape, and credit grantor markets poised for growth or contraction. The series will conclude on February 27 at 1:00 PM EST when Mike is joined by Marc Savage, president of Emprise Technologies, to discuss recent trends and developments that is shaping technology in the ARM Industry.

Registration is now open for the Compliance (here) and Technology webinars, so please invite you staff and colleagues. The webinar will last one hour, inclusive of time reserved for Q&A at the end. Can’t join live? Register anyway to receive a copy of the recording to share with your team.

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