State of Affairs in the Accounts Receivable Management Industry: A Webinar Hosted by Mike Ginsberg

On Thursday, January 31, at 1PM EST, I will be hosting a live webinar focused on the state of affairs in the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry. Over the past few weeks, blogs and articles have been written, and webinars and podcasts have been recorded, that attempt to recount the events and developments shaping our industry as we begin a New Year. While some accounts hit the mark, others were nothing more than promotional propaganda.

This is a pivotal time in our industry. 2018 left a lot of things up in the air as it relates to credit and collections. I plan to address the following factors that will shape our industry now and for years to come:

  1. Our research team interrogated recent economic developments that will significantly impact placement volumes, debt sales, recovery efforts, and profitability.
  2. We evaluated key market segments, and I will share our views on those market segments that are contracting and those sectors that offer the greatest potential for profitable expansion.
  3. We examined the current political climate and the impact that the newly divided congress, and ongoing government shutdown, will have on lending and collections.

Whether you’re an owner, investor, or a senior manager of a debt collection agency, collection law firm, technology vendor, or a debt buying company, I encourage you to sign up for this webinar. Those who are tasked with running recovery departments for consumer, commercial, and government credit granting organizations are also strongly encouraged to attend.

Registration is free so please invite your staff and colleagues to participate. We’ll also have time reserved for Q&A so we can address your particular concerns. We suggest that you sign up even if you can’t make the live event and we will send you a copy of this presentation.

Throughout 2019, we will host additional live webinars and recorded podcasts in which we drill down on these, and other, important developments. I will select key participants from the industry to join us and share their perspective. Please let me know if there is a special topic that you want us to cover by emailing me at

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