Pitfalls to Avoid When Selling Your Business

Have you ever daydreamed about selling your business for a pile of cash and leaving the daily grind
behind for the good life of traveling the world, improving your golf game, and spending quality
time with family? Of course you have. You might have thought about it as recently as this morning.
If you own your business, you undoubtedly think about the day you will sell it. Perhaps you’re part
of that small group of business owners who have actually gone beyond daydreaming and started
preparing your business for sale – good for you! Or maybe you thought about an outright sale but
decided not to go through with it for personal reasons, such as family succession.

If you’re like the majority of business owners who’ve thought about selling but stopped yourself
from going any further because you’re concerned about word getting out prematurely, then read on.
This whitepaper is written for you. And even if you’ve already begun prepping for sale, continue
reading – you may learn something you otherwise would’ve never thought of.

This whitepaper is complementary for accounts receivable management business owners and executives upon request. Please contact us here or at hq@kaulkin.com to receive your copy.