Kaulkin Ginsberg Company Releases the Most Comprehensive Report on the ARM Industry

The Kaulkin Report, 2022 Edition

Pittsburgh, PA. Kaulkin Ginsberg Company is thrilled to announce that its 10th version of the Kaulkin Report, formally called the Kaulkin Report, 2022 Edition, is now available. The report is available free of any charge, and is considered the most authoritative and comprehensive report ever prepared on the U.S. accounts receivable management (ARM) industry.

When asked why Kaulkin Ginsberg Company decided to release this report, Mike Ginsberg, President & CEO stated, “The market has changed considerably in the 30 years since we started tracking its performance. What started as an industry consisting of relatively small, local, 3rd party debt collectors has expanded into a multifaceted marketplace of essential services for our credit economy. To that end, timely market intelligence is absolutely critical to maintaining success in our competitive industry. This is even more true in a time marked by ongoing global health concerns, spiraling inflation, and intensifying regulatory rigor.”

The Kaulkin Report, 2022 Edition combines the latest research data with informative interviews featuring ARM executives and other subject matter experts. It takes an in-depth look at the history and economic impact of ARM, the size of industry, the various client markets that ARM companies serve, and the most important operational, technological, economic, and compliance-related trends.

To request the report free of any charge, please contact Kelsey Flinko at kflinko@kaulkin.com. You are highly encouraged to share this with your friends, colleagues, investors, vendors, and clients as you see fit.

Furthermore, Kaulkin Ginsberg is available to assist your leadership team in developing and implementing your strategic growth plan or exit strategy. Their expert financial team can help you develop a defensible budget or multi-year projection. Please contact them to schedule a confidential call to discuss your specific needs.

About Kaulkin Ginsberg Company

Since 1991, Kaulkin Ginsberg Company has provided critical strategic advice to the outsourced business services industry. Our client-centric approach covers almost every stage of a company’s life cycle and enables us to maintain longstanding relationships as trusted advisors. We provide mergers and acquisition advisory, strategic consulting, valuation and financial solutions, market intelligence and analysis, as well as litigation support and expert witness.

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