Kaulkin Ginsberg Announces its Newest Research Initiative

The U.S. accounts receivable management (ARM) industry is comprised of numerous credit-granting market sectors. Each sector has its own specific nuances associated with it. Kaulkin Ginsberg’s market research team has prepared authoritative, sector-level reports on eight consumer market segments, now available for busy ARM executives and business development teams tasked with determining whether to expand, enter, contract, or exit from a specific market segment.

“Some market sectors are expanding faster than others, while others are facing disruptive forces and increased regulatory scrutiny,” said Mike Ginsberg, president & CEO of Kaulkin Ginsberg Company, when asked why his firm decided to write these reports. Ginsberg went on to say, “Staying knowledgeable about these sectors is critical so these reports will be updated on a regular basis. We will also be releasing reports on emerging markets such as FinTech and expanding service offerings such as revenue cycle management.”

Sector reports are currently available for cable & telecommunications, commercial banks, credit unions, federal government, healthcare, property management, student loans, and utilities. Each report provides an extensive amount of information including, but not limited to, a detailed overview of the sector, current trends and developments, regulatory and compliance review, economic drivers and indicators, and critical data on major clients in each sector.

To purchase a report, or inquire about additional market sectors, please reach out to Kaulkin Ginsberg’s market research team at hq@kaulkin.com.

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