Is the Federal Debt Collection Space your Next Opportunity

The Federal Government represents the largest potential expansion opportunity for the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry since the expansion of the credit card market in 1990s. Our research shows that delinquent non-tax debt (excluding federal student loans) equaled approximately $34.6 billion in 2017, rivaling that of the financial services sector. Over the last decade, the government has sourced more than $23 billion in contact center contracts, and the value keeps increasing. Through Fed Debt Opps, a new joint venture between Kaulkin Ginsberg Company (KGC) and Collection Quotient Consulting (CoQc), ARM service providers will be able to, for the first time, proactively identify and target existing, upcoming, and new and previously untapped federal business opportunities.

This is a game changer for all size ARM firms and tech vendors.

Fed Debt Opps is a membership-based, business development, and strategic advisory service formed to support private collection agencies (PCAs), related ARM industry service providers, technology vendors, and customer care organizations (Service Providers) in their pursuit of Federal Government contracts.

I am thrilled to be joining forces with Randy Kamm to change the way that ARM companies do business with the Federal Government. Randy is a recognized expert with decades of experience securing Federal Government contracts. Combining his vast knowledge and connections with our firm’s experienced research, marketing, and strategic-level advisory team, ensures that Fed Debt Opps members and clients will receive the very best service and information when it comes to identifying, penetrating, and securing federal ARM-related and customer care projects. Regardless of your company’s size or experience level, Fed Debt Opps can help your team establish key relationships with officials and decision-makers at underlying federal agencies. From validated contract data, instructional webinars, and custom advisory services, Fed Debt Opps will provide you with critical insight and guidance as your organization pursues these market opportunities.

As of September 30, 2017, our research has found that the amount of government non-tax receivables, net allowance for bad debt, was $88.1 billion. Based on recent trends, this amount could well exceed $100 billion within the next few years. Fed Debt Opps is positioning to become the industry’s leading advocate for expansion of federal debt collection and contact center contract opportunities, enabling its members to diversify and grow revenues as other more mature market segments plateau or decline.