Important Message for Credit and Collection Professionals: Register to Business Revolution Week

Companies like yours and mine are challenged to market and sell our products and/or services. We pay vast sums of money to employ sales and marketing personnel, we pay membership fees to trade organizations, we attend live events, advertise in written and online publications, and we sponsor webinars. Our goals are the same. We hope our sales and marketing efforts will connect us to prospective new clients and/or upsell existing ones. The costs of reaching our target audiences are significant but the results are minimal during normal conditions. Connecting has gotten significantly more difficult because of coronavirus.

My former business partner, Marvin Kaulkin, may he rest in peace, used to tell me not to come to him with a problem unless I also have identified a solution. With that in mind, I offer Business Revolution Week.

I am calling upon all credit and collection professions to register, attend, and use our virtual platform to prospect, network, and learn. Registration is FREE so I encourage you to tell your friends, staff, and other stakeholders to register too.

We are revolutionizing the way that early-stage prospecting takes place between credit grantors, bill collectors, technology vendors, and any other company that provides a product or service to credit grantors and collection companies. A Revolution is defined as “a forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favor of a new system.” Starting on Monday, November 9, we will be forcing change and we need your support to make our Revolution a success.

For 5 days, we will be hosting informative and relevant roundtable discussions that registrants can listen to for up to 6 months afterward. Topics and subject matter experts were carefully selected by the Kaulkin Ginsberg team. We will also be providing innovation rooms where service providers and technology vendors can demo their capabilities, private rooms designed for one-on-one meetings, and a virtual lounge to network with other participants. There are 4 levels of paid participation also available starting at $990. We welcome your financial investment in Revolution.

Business Revolution Week is intended to be an inclusive event, designed to bring together anyone and everyone that participates in North American accounts receivable management, not just the executives and salespeople that typically travel to attend live events. Attendees include Recovery Managers, CTOs, CFOs, Collection Managers, Executives, Compliance Professionals, Sales and Marketing Professionals, Owners, Investors, Lawyers, Advisors, and Association Personnel.

We hope you will join our Revolution starting on Monday, November 9.   

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