How are you Accessing and Disseminating Critical Information?

Owners, executives, and other accounts receivable management (ARM) professionals are all challenged with making timely and critical business decisions, often without the benefit of reliable market intelligence. Those who have been in the industry for a while painstakingly know that managing accounts receivable has changed dramatically since the start of the Great Recession. Widespread client-level changes and rapid consolidations, overwhelming regulatory oversight, and significant economic fluctuations have dramatically influenced the strategic decisions being made by credit and collection professionals alike. There has never been a greater need for reliable and insightful market intelligence to make informed decisions.

Kaulkin Ginsberg has become very dissatisfied with the limitations that executives of ARM companies have when it comes to accessing and disseminating critical and timely market intelligence to make these decisions.  That’s why Kaulkin Ginsberg launched KG Prime in 2017. Initially, KG Prime was an online, membership-based website that combined the very best capabilities of market research with social media and covered a vast array of market segments.

After re-assessing the needs of the market, Kaulkin Ginsberg is announced the re-launch of KG Prime.

“We are very excited about the improvements we’ve made to the platform,” Mr. Ginsberg stated. “We are now offering more strategic-level information tailored to our core markets – accounts receivable management, revenue cycle management and customer relationship management.  Mergers and acquisitions, pricing trends, and major developments will also be emphasized.  We will bring you this data, free of any charge, in the form of blogs, podcasts, articles, and webinars. We strongly believe that information is invaluable so we will continue to provide this one-of-a-kind resource to the industry.”

KG Prime is still a membership-based portal because the firm believes it is crucial to closely monitor who can access this information. A members-only site allows our contributors to feel comfortable sharing their insights and perspective, without concern that unscrupulous professionals and regulators are accessing information without their knowledge.

Register for free to KG Prime here. If you are already a registered user, we encourage you to share your company code to other stakeholders in your firm so they, too, can access this critical information provided in the relaunch of KG Prime.


About Kaulkin Ginsberg Company

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