Five Questions Owners Need to Ask Prior to Sale

If you’re like most owners of family businesses, you’re head down making sure that your company is running as successfully as possible prior to sale. The thought of selling your business is buried in the back of your mind, and often times only comes up when you hear that your friend sold their business. As soon as the thought enters your mind, it leaves because it goes to the next business matter you’re facing.

Eventually, this needs to be addressed.

We know successful outcomes don’t happen by accident. To be successful, an owner needs to prepare for the sale by setting goals and executing the steps to achieve those goals. Ideally, preparing for a sale takes several years to complete.

This five-minute podcast will focus on preparing to sell your business, and gives you five key questions to ask yourself. Enjoy!

If you are ready for a sale, or would like to discuss the steps your business needs to take in order to get there, we’d be happy to schedule a confidential call. Please contact us here or at

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