Federal Debt Collection: Why the Federal Government is your Next Opportunity

Did you know that the Federal Government represents the largest potential expansion opportunity for the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry since credit card debt hit the market in 1990s? Research shows that delinquent non-tax debt (excluding federal student loans) equaled approximately $34.6 billion in 2017.

Until now, the odds of securing business with the Federal Government and entering this burgeoning market were predictably low. Accessing Federal Government contracts was largely done on a “reactive” basis. Services Providers typically responded to infrequent or “blind” requests-for-proposals (RFPs) that appeared unannounced on government or private bid-sites.

Fed Debt Opps, a membership-based business development and strategic advisory service, was formed to help service providers that are seeking expansion or initial entry into Federal Government contracting, or that are looking to replace lost revenue streams from clients such as the U.S. Department of Education (ED).

Randy Kamm and Mike Ginsberg, co-founders of Fed Debt Opps, explained the opportunity present within the Federal Government, why now is the time to be involved, and how you can get started with Fed Debt Opps, in the below 64-minute webinar.

If you are interested in becoming a Basic Member of Fed Debt Opps, or wish to find out more about the services provided, please contact a member of our advisory team at feddebtopps@kgprime.com.