Fair Debt Podcast: Dead Reckoning

In navigation, dead reckoning is the process of calculating your current position of some moving object by using a previously determined position, or fix, and then incorporating estimations of speed, heading direction, and course over elapsed time.

As change continues to usher in the future, I believe it can be beneficial to pause and reflect on that change that is happening in an effort to prepare for the future.  

In this episode of Fair Debt with Lex Patterson, Mike and Lex discuss a multitude of industry and economic trends impacting accounts receivable management in both the short and long terms, including:

  • How government stimulus in the economy is impacting collections;
  • Trends in creditor market segments like healthcare and student loans;
  • Industry consolidation, and how technology is playing a role in it;
  • Compliance challenges, and how regulators view industry players like debt buyers;
  • What the collection agency of the future looks like.

Listen to the entire episode here.

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