Do you Know of old, Uncollected Judgments?

Companies often sit on hundreds, or even thousands, of commercial judgments. After years of collection efforts, many of these judgments are left uncollected with little value remaining to the company. Now, however, there is a new market for generating ‘found money’ from these stale judgments. Kaulkin Ginsberg Company (KGC) represents a widely recognized leader in purchasing bankruptcy remnant assets that is looking to pay immediate cash for portfolios of old, commercial judgments, including those against defunct, dissolved, or illiquid businesses.

When asked why their client would pay cash for judgments if they are worthless, Mike Ginsberg, president & CEO of KGC, responded, “It’s a volume game for our client. The company has a long history of buying all sorts of worthless assets and its experience is that while most do turn out to be worthless, every once in a while some value emerges. Because it’s virtually impossible to identify or predict which will have any value, our client buys as much volume as possible in a variety of different categories of worthless assets, including worthless judgments.”

KGC’s client’s primary focus is to accumulate as large a portfolio as possible of remnant assets, including as many worthless judgments as KGC can find. Keep in mind, it is not interested in consumer judgments (against individuals), or single, one-off judgments. Specifically, their client is looking for portfolios with at least 25 commercial judgments.

If this opportunity is a fit for you, or if you have clients that may have old judgments and would like more information, contact Mike Ginsberg at to schedule a confidential call.


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