Clarion Capital Partners Made a Significant Capital Investment in Harris & Harris

Kaulkin Ginsberg Company is pleased to announce that Clarion Capital Partners, LLC (Clarion) has made a significant capital investment in Harris & Harris, Ltd. (Harris). Kaulkin Ginsberg’s CEO, Mike Ginsberg, served as strategic advisor to Arnie and David Harris. The terms of the transaction, which closed on September 27th, were not disclosed.

Harris is a very well-established accounts receivable management (ARM) and customer care firm, providing first- and third-party debt collection, third-party liability, and other complementary services through advanced onshore call center capabilities. The company services state-level governments, municipalities, major hospital systems, and utilities throughout the United States. Harris is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois with satellite call centers in Detroit, Michigan, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Toledo, Ohio, and Lansing, Michigan.

The company was founded as a family business in 1968 and today is recognized as one of the nation’s largest stand-alone ARM firms. Arnie Harris, CEO of Harris, and David Harris, COO of the Harris, will maintain meaningful ownership positions in the firm, and will continue with the company in their current positions. Additional information on Harris can be found at

Clarion Capital Partners is a New York based private equity firm that focuses on making control equity investments in lower middle market growth companies. Clarion’s industry focus includes Business & Healthcare Services, Specialty Financial Services, Media, Entertainment & Technology, and Consumer & Retail. Additional information on Clarion can be found at

Mike Ginsberg has proudly served in the role of strategic advisor to Arnie and David Harris for nearly 20 years, starting with an estate-planning valuation for their father and culminating in the investment by Clarion last month. Along the way, Mike advised the owners on their very successful growth and diversification strategy, their development of a C-level leadership team, and by introducing them to a meaningful benchmark group, which Mike spearheads. When asked about this transaction, Mike stated, “I am thrilled for Arnie and David Harris, two individuals who take a lot of pride in doing things the right way. They have invested considerably in client development, diversification, their leadership team, compliance, and technology to secure a position as a market leader. Now they are realizing the fruits of their decades long harvest. Both Arnie and David Harris will play a major role in the company’s next phase of growth.”

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