A Successful Summer: Kaulkin Ginsberg’s Internship Highlights

Kaulkin Ginsberg Company’s (KGC) analyst team takes on highly qualified and hardworking students, usually from the Greater D.C. Metropolitan Area, to intern with the firm each spring, summer, and fall. We interview and correspond with dozens of candidates for each semester, learning about applicants’ interests, goals, and motivations in order to select the candidates we feel would work well with our tight-knit group. In the past, we’ve talked with undergraduate and graduate students, finance and math majors, students living in Maryland and Virginia, and international students seeking real-world experiences in the U.S.

This past summer, KGC selected three new interns; two of whom from the University of Maryland, College Park: the first was a Master of Quantitative Finance candidate and the second was a recent graduate, majoring in both economics and government & politics. The third intern was a rising sophomore at New York University, focused on finance and economics. The interns assisted our analysts in various finance and market research initiatives, ranging from creating dynamic, multi-scenario financial statement and valuation models to conducting in-depth examinations of the revenue cycle management, customer relationship management, trucking & shipping, and Federal Government industries, and performing case studies on publicly traded credit grantors across several accounts receivable management (ARM) verticals.

In addition to their finance- and research-oriented responsibilities, each intern worked with KGC’s analysts on the development of several individual and collaborative blogs to support the firm’s marketing and communications efforts. Their blogs covered a wide variety of topics such as financial technology, the gig economy, and perspectives on M&A and regulatory occurrences as they relate to the ARM industry.

Overall, each intern was given the opportunity to develop and refine their knowledge of financial and economic concepts, while strengthening their written communication skills. Most importantly, our interns maintained utmost professionalism and a high work ethic throughout their full-time internship. As they continue developing their skills, they will surely leverage their KGC internship experiences to secure future internship and job opportunities. Lastly, we’ve remained in contact with our interns and look forward to receiving updates on their career successes.

Going forward, we’ll continue expanding our internship program, selecting students with the greatest work ethic and integrity. We strive to create a program that not only benefits our firm, but one that also provides unique opportunities for students to apply their classroom knowledge and experiences to real-world projects and assignments.

As always, we’re open to talking with current students interested in our internship program. If interested, please don’t hesitate to contact hq@kaulkin.com, providing a resume, or simply introducing yourself to our team.

To our summer 2018 interns: thank you for all of your hard work and persistence. You were all vital components to the KGC team throughout your time here.